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Upcoming Monster Hunter 3G e-Shop Demo Self Destructs After 30 Plays


Capcom will be among the first publishers to offer demos to 3DS owners. The company announced today that a demo of Monster Hunter 3G will be available for download shortly via the Nintendo e-Shop. A specific date was not provided.

This is the second time we've heard of a downloadable 3DS demo in as many days. Yesterday, Konami announced a demo for New Love Plus, to be released first through 7-Eleven's new 7-Spot download service on 12/8, with general e-Shop release following.

The New Love Plus demo will come with a 30 play limitation, meaning after 30 plays you won't be able to play it again. The same 30 play limitation will apply to the Monster Hunter demo, according to Capcom's announcement.

You'll need 169 megabytes of free space on your SD card to download the Monster Hunter demo.

Those who want to sample the game ahead of the downloadable demo will want to head to a retailer tomorrow (12/1), as a retail demo will be available then.

The demo, both retail and e-shop, will include two quests, one set in an icy field and one in a water environment. Players can select from twelve weapons and will have companions Cha Cha and Kayanba (the latter new for 3G) in their company.

The two quests.

When played at retail, the quests will last 15 minutes. When played on the 3DS, the quests will last 20 minutes.

Joining the demo announcement, Capcom updated the 3G official site with the game's opening movie.

Visit the official site for the opening movie.

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