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Tetsuya Nomura Talks Final Fantasy Versus XIII Moogles

A Type-0 Moogle.

The just released Final Fantasy Type-0 Ultimania guide has a bit of commentary on Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

In a section discussing Type-0's Moogles, Versus XIII director Tetsuya Nomura says that the designs of the Moogles in Versus XIII will follow a similar path to the design of the Type-0 Moogles. He did not provide clarification beyond this.

Regarding the Type-0 Moogles, Nomura joked that when he first saw the Moogle costume designs, he said that they should quickly make goods based off them.

Director Hajime Tabata described the Type-0 Moogles as "cute." The game was originally supposed to have an event scene featuring the full Cranberry Knights. This is the name of the Moogle group that serves at your school in the game. However, Hiroki Chiba, lead scenario writer for the game, forgot to put it in.

Many people think that the "Cranberry Knights" name came from Nomura. It actually came from the scenario staff. Nomura said that he was surprised at the name when he saw it for the first time during the game's voice recording.

The Cranberry Knights.

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