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PlayStation 3 Version 4.00 Update Available Today

Get your system set for PlayStation Vita's release.


Sony released PlayStation 3's 4.00 firmware update today. You can update your system to the latest code via the usual methods.

As detailed earlier in the day, the firmware makes your PS3 ready for interaction with PlayStation Vita. You'll be able to copy music, video, images and applications between the two systems. You can also backup your Vita data to PS3, and use the PS3's network connection to update your Vita's firmware.

You connect your PS3 and Vita via USB cable. Once the connection is mode, you control the data transfers and so-forth via the Vita.

In the PS3's system settings menu, you'll find an option for "PS Vita Backup File Delete." This can be used to clear the Vita backup file from your PS3. In the PS3's game menu, you'll find an option for PS Vita Application Management. This is where the Vita game save data and application data are stored.

The 4.00 firmware update also adds the ability to upconversion for BDMB format files on Blu-Ray discs. You can also set privacy settings for PlayStation Network, setting who can friend and message you

For specifics on these areas, see Sony's firmware page.

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