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Team Final Fantasy Type-0 Currently Working on International Release


In a Weekly Famitsu interview yesterday, Final Fantasy Type-0 director Hajima Tabata said that he's currently not working on anything. That may have been just a bit of a fib. The Type-0 Ultimania Guide, which just hit retail today, also has an interview with Tabata, and here Tabata says that the game's staff is working on the overseas version of Type-0.

Given the stature of Type-0 and the Final Fantasy name, it was a pretty safe bet that the game would see international release even with the poor state of the PSP market outside of Japan. Now that Tabata has confirmed that an overseas version is in development we can start speculating on timing.

Also in the Ultimania interview, Tabata discusses possible directions for a Type-0 sequel. He said feels like he'd like to do a direct sequel featuring the same world and characters, and also create a true numbered sequel, which he referred as Type-1. He also said that he'd like to make the next title on a console.

The series' future will be determined by player reaction, Tabata said, so if want more of Type-0, be sure and either pick up the Japanese version, or pick up the international version when it's released.

Tetsuya Nomura also sat in on this interview. For a bit of what he had to say about Type-0 and Final Fantasy Versus XIII's Moogles, see this story

The Type-0 Ultimania is over 800 pages.

[Via FF Reunion]

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