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3D Dot Game Heroes Studio Releases Game Engine For PlayStation Vita

Silicon Studio promises quick PS3 and Vita multiplatform development through Orochi.


Silicon Studio, developer of games like 3D Dot Game Heroes but also a major Japanese middleware provider, announced today that it has added PlayStation Vita support to its game engine Orochi.

Orochi is an all-in-one engine with over forty development tools and twelve libraries for areas like graphics, physics and AI. One of the appeals for Japanese developers is that the engine has robust Japanese documentation and support.

Silicon Studio says that Orochi allows developers to do quick multiplatform development targeting both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Additionally, Windows-based arcade games can be smoothly ported over to PS3, Vita and Xbox 360.

The developer shared some comparison pics today showing scenes running on PlayStation 3, Vita and Windows.

For more on Orochi, see Silicon Studio's middleware page.

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