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First Artwork For Square Enix's Unreal Action RPG


Here's our first piece of artwork for the Unreal Engine action RPG Square Enix announced in Famitsu earlier this week.

The art comes from a recruitment page that Square Enix opened up today.

The recruitment page is seeking the following positions:

  • Planner (Action) -- work on creating the specifications and data for the game's action, focusing on combat action
  • Planner (Writing) -- work on writing the text for the game and scenario
  • Planner (Level) -- work on level and field design via UnrealEngine 3, and positioning enemies, items and so-forth
  • Game Programmer -- work on areas like camera control and AI
  • Network Programmer -- work on such areas as matching and network synchronization during gameplay
  • 3D Graphics Programmer -- work on real time 3D graphics realization and optimization
  • Physics Programmer -- work on in-game physics simulation and optimization
  • Animation Programmer -- work on 3D model animation
  • Art Designer -- background art (image and gadgets) and character and enemy art and design
  • Motion Designer -- work on game character motion
  • VFX Designer -- work on effects for action scenes, cut-scenes and so-forth
  • BG Modeler -- work on production of 3D backgrounds, also work on level design through Unreal Engine 3 editor
  • Character Modeler -- work on modeling for characters and enemies, taking artwork and going through process of high mesh, modeling, bone, texture and material

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