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Dynasty Warriors Strike Force 2 HD Detailed

All the details on the next PSP remaster game.


Tecmo Koei has opened an official site for Dynasty Warriors Strike Force 2 HD, revealed earlier this week to be the second entry in the PSP Remaster series.

The site shares a few details about what players can expect from the PS3 version:

HD and 3D visuals
Ad-Hoc Party Support
The page says that this support is done in place of the PSP version's Infrastructure Mode (which presumably means that the PS3 version won't have direct online play). Going through Ad-Hoc Party, you'll be able to play cooperatively and versus with other players. The game supports cross platform play with the PSP version.
Shared Save Data between the PSP and PS3
Analogue Stick Suport
You can control the camera with the right stick
Includes all the PSP version's download content
You'll have immediate access to the download content, including all the extra scenarios.

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