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Hideous Xbox Live Sonic Avatar Outfits Among First Batch of Sonic Generations Download Content

Plus, Casino Night zone returns!


If you ever wanted to dress your Xbox Live avatar like Sonic or one of his shitty friends, you can do so today with the arrival of Sonic Generations' first batch of download content.

Sonic, Amy and Super Sonic classic costumes each cost 240 Microsoft Points. They're available in boy and girl varieties.

Sega also released an Xbox 360 Sonic Generations theme for 240 MS Points and a couple of PS3 custom theme for ¥200 each.

There's in-game stuff too. Casino Night zone has returned as a downloadable stage. This isn't like the game's full stages, though. Sonic stays in ball form for a game of Sonic-themed pinball.

The stage is available today for ¥350 on PS3 and 320 MS Points on X360.

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