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Samurai Warriors 3Z Set for PSP

Tecmo Koei porting PS3 Samurai Warriors to portable system.


Tecmo Koei announced today that it will be bringing PS3's Samurai Warriors 3Z to PSP as Samurai Warriors 3Z Special. The PSP version will be released on February 16, priced ¥6,090.

Portable players can look forward to two player cooperative and four player competitive play via ad-hoc local support. Tecmo Koei also says that it will be releasing past Samurai Warriors costumes for the characters as download content. While common for the Dynasty Warriors series, this will be the first time this has been done for Samurai Warriors.

For those who own Samurai Warriors 3Z or Samurai Warriors 3 Empires on PS3, keep your save data! If you have save data on your Memory Stick, the PSP version will give you access to all the characters from the start.

Access the game's official site here.

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