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Konami and tri-Ace shared a bunch of gameplay videos and screens for Beyond the Labyrinth today, showing off some of the unique features of the game's battle system. Check out all the media below!

In Beyond the Labyrinth, you transition seamlessly into battle when you encounter an enemy. The battle system is turn-based, but a bit different from other RPGs in that rather than selecting a command, you select the strength of your attack and your target. The stronger the attack, the longer the character will have to wait for his next turn.

All characters except for the white-haired girl has one of three elemental properties. These three elemental properties have a paper-rock-scissors relationship. When selecting your target, you'll need to keep the elemental in mind.

Some attacks will make the enemy's HP float off into the air. The next character will be able to suck up the HP, but only if he's of the same elemental property as the enemy that released the HP.

All this means that order is particularly important in the Beyond the Labyrinth combat system.

Basic Battle System

Releasing and Absorbing HP

Joining the battle system videos and details, Konami shared some pics of the game's world.

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