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Final Fantasy XIII-2's Lightning Appears in Final Fantasy Brigade


It looks like Square Enix's new social Final Fantasy game Final Fantasy Brigade will have appearances from classic Final Fantasy characters. Famitsu.com reveals one such character appearance: Final Fantasy XIII-2's Lightning.

According to the site, Lightning will appear in the game's battles as a "Legend." Square Enix hasn't said exactly what a "Legend" is, but Famitsu.com says it's an "assist" character.

To get Lightning, you'll need to pick up the third volume in Famitsu's periodic Mobage magazine, Famitsu Mobage. The issue, which has Final Fantasy Brigade as its cover, will include a serial code for the character.

Famitsu Mobage Vol.3 is due for release on December 15. (Click here for the Amazon listing). That's about when the Brigade closed beta test should be starting.

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