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.hack Scoop Coming to Famitsu Later This Month


An upcoming issue of Famitsu will have an exclusive "scoop" related to the .hack franchise. CyberConnect2 CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama mentioned the scoop, which will appear in the December 22 issue of the magazine, during the ".hack//T.E. Talk Event," an event mostly dealing with the upcoming .hack theatrical conversion, .hack//Sekai no Mukuou ni.

While Matsuyama did not provide any hints about the announcement, he did say that it will be related to .hack//3rd Season Project. This encompasses current generation .hack projects like the movie.

Famitsu.com provided a picture of a slide Matsuyama showed promoting the announcement.

The Famitsu mention came at the end of the event. Strangely, just before the announcement, Matsuyama had taken a few minutes to promote Namco Bandai's recently released Tekken Hybrid, a project that's totally unrelated to .hack. When asked why, he said that Tekken Blood Vengeance, which is included with Tekken Hybrid, and .hack//Sekai no Mukuo ni, both represent movie projects from Namco Bandai, and both were in development at around the same time. The .hack staff periodically got tips from the Tekken team, which they referred to as the "movie division."

Visit Famitsu.com for pics from the event.

The .hack movie sees theatrical release on January 21.

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