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Final Fantasy XIII-2 AKB48 Costume Finalized

Plus, find out what AKB48 member Yuko Oshima will cosplay as for the game's launch event!


Final Fantasy XIII fans have spoken on their clothing preference for Serah, and they've opted less skin, more hair, boots, and a cute little arm shield.

Square Enix had fans vote on which of two costumes designed by AKB48 member Yuko Oshima would be released as download content for Final Fantasy XIII-2. The two options were "Exposure and Defense" and "Little Red Riding Hood."

The XIII-2 promotional site was updated today with notice that Exposure and Defense won the vote. It will be offered as post release download content. The download will be free, but Square Enix did not say when it will be released.

The final tally was 16,927 votes for Exposure and Defense and 10,678 votes for Little Red Riding Hood.

You'll recall that Square Enix was also planning on letting fans determine Yuko's outfit for her appearance at the Final Fantasy XIII-2 launch event. This vote was based off "Likes" at the promo site.

When the Like count reached 50,000, Square Enix said Yuko would dress as XIII's Serah. After the 70,000 Like mark had been reached, the costume was updated to XIII-2's Serah. Once the Like count reached 100,000, the costume was updated to what appears to be its final form: Yuko will dress up in the Exposure & Defense download costume.

Yuko shows off her two designs.

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