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Square Enix's Monster x Dragon Browser Game Has Final Fantasy Summons and Monsters


Square Enix began an open beta test today for Monster x Dragon, a game that you may recall from a few weeks back as the next browser game collaboration between Square Enix and Yahoo.

For details on how to participate, access the game's official site. Those who took part in the closed beta will notice that Square Enix has given the game a major brush up based off feedback, and has added things like new monster cards, card auctions, a new ranking system and more.

The start of the beta test was accompanied by a couple of major bits of news, announced at a press conference in Roppongi (for pics from the event, see Famitsu.com).

First off, the game will have monster cards based off monsters and summons from past Final Fantasy games. The open beta test will include monsters and summons from Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Crystal Bearer. Square Enix says to expect additional Final Fantasy games in future updates.

Square Enix also announced some celebrities who will lend their voice talents to the "navigators," characters who guide you through the game. Male navigators include Takehito Koyasu and Kosuke Toriumi. Female navigators include Megumi Toyoguchi and Rina Satou. Ryusei Nakao may also be appearing as a navigator (although in the artwork his character is listed as "Navigator?".)

The game has a number of promotional campaigns on the way. Japanese readers will find details at the official site

'Let's play Mondora tonight!,' reads the game's slogan.

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