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Fumito Ueda returns to Twitter, but does not address departure claims

The Last Guardian still in production, Team ICO head assures.

Happy anniversary, ICO!

Last week, reports surfaced that Team ICO master Fumito Ueda had departed Sony. According to the reports, Ueda is finishing work on The Last Guardian in a freelance capacity. Once the game is done, he will work on personal projects.

Ueda mysteriously disappeared from Twitter following the reports. But he's at last returned, with somewhat of a response.

In a late night Tweet today, his first Tweet since December 1, he wrote, "I've received a lot of questions... there's no need to worry, as The Last Guardian is still in production."

In a separate Tweet, he reminded us that today (12/6) is the 10 year anniversary of PlayStation 2's ICO.

Ueda didn't specifically mention the reports of his departure from Sony.

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