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Yakuza, SaGa, Resident Evil and More Coming to GREE

Social gaming platform goes global next year with GREE Platform.


GREE shared details today on the global expansion of its GREE Platform, and also provided a list of major titles that are being developed for the platform by Japan's largest publishers.

The worldwide GREE Platform, set to begin operation between April and June 2012, will see a unification of the GREE system, which is used in Japan, with OpenFeint, which is used elsewhere in the world.

GREE says that this unification will give the platform a user base of 150 million, making it the world's largest platform (larger than the DS, GREE says, which has sold 146.42 million units). GREE Platform games will be accessible from iOS and Android phones.

Seven major Japanese publishers are preparing titles for the global initiative. GREE mentioned the following:

Resident Evil Mercenaries VS for GREE, Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting for GREE
Tecmo Koei
Dynasty Warriors for GREE
Square Enix
Emperor's SaGa, Galaxy Dungeon
Ryu ga Gotoku Kizuna (Yakuza Kizuna/Bonds)
Period Zero, Dead Connection
Namco Bandai
Kamen Rider Wars, Super Sentai Wars, Ultraman Taisen

Although announced as part of a global initiative, many of these games are currently planned just for Japan. Namco Bandai's games are all listed as Japan-only. So too are Emperor's Saga and Galaxy Dungeon. Yakuza is listed as "region TBA."

You'll find logos, screens and details for the games at the portal site GREE opened today.

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