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First Look: Square Enix's Emperors SaGa and Galaxy Dungeon

Two social titles for GREE Platform.


Square Enix shared today first artwork for Emperors Saga, the social adaptation of the SaGa series that was announced earlier this year.

Emperors SaGa will make you the emperor of your own kingdom. You'll create your very own history in a world where the deep story one expects of the SaGa series plays out.

We're going to have to wait for specifics. Emperors SaGa will be released on the GREE Platform in Summer 2012. The game is currently planned just for Japan, Square Enix says.

Square Enix also announced a second GREE game today. Titled "Galaxy Dungeon," this "card battle RPG" puts you in command of a battalion of mecha bishojo. You'll have to guide the girls through dungeons, facing off against creatures and building up your space ship.

Galaxy Dungeon will be released in May. Like SaGa, it's currently planned exclusively for Japan.

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