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Paid Final Fantasy XIV Service Begins January 6

Square Enix to offer discount pricing until Version 2.0 hits.


Final Fantasy XIV will be returning to paid service early in the new year. Square Enix announced the big date today: January 6.

On January 6, FFXIV players will need to pay a monthly service charge to play the game, but the costs will be marked down temporarily. Previously, Square Enix said that the game's base fee would be ¥980 for 30 days of service and ¥2,640 for 90 days of service, plus an additional per character charge of ¥300 per 30 days. The base fees will initially be slashed from ¥980 to ¥680 and ¥2,640 to ¥1,740. The lower prices will stay in effect until the 2.0 version of the game begins operation (this doesn't have a final date).

See your version of the Lodestone play site for further details and pricing in your part of the world.

As with all FFXIV announcements, this just applies to the PC version of the game. The PS3 version is not due for closed beta until late 2012.

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