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Sony Promotes Top Selling PlayStation Titles With Free Vita Systems


We missed one little bit in our report a couple of days back about Sony's PlayStation Award recipients. As with last year's awards, Sony is giving the winning titles a bit of a marketing push through the "PlayStation Awards Collection."

When you buy a game that's flagged under the "PlayStation Awards Collection" program from select stores, you'll receive a card which can be sent in to get your name down for one of 20 PlayStation Vita 3G/Wi-Fi models. The campaign works with PlayStation Store download purchases as well.

Games that received a Gold (sales of 500,000 and up) or Platinum (sales of one million and up) award from 2008 to 2011 are included in the campaign. For a list of titles and shops that are participating in the program, see the PlayStation Awards official site.

The campaign will run through January 15. Winners will get their Vita systems in early February.

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