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Sega's New PlayStation Vita Title: Samurai & Dragons

New action title from Yakuza producer Masayoshi Kikuchi.


We don't know much about Sega's new PlayStation Vita title, except that it's called "Samurai & Dragons" and it has, as you might guess, samurai and dragons! Sounds like a great start already!

A few bits have leaked out from Famitsu, which debuts the game this week. The game will have an action part, where you and three friends explore a dungeon, facing off against beasts and making your way to the final floor where a boss awaits. There's also a city building component. You'll build up your city, which serves as your base of operation. Your overall goal is to expand your land and take over the entire nation.

Oh, and it also has samurai and dragons! We're not sure how the samurai and dragons fit into the game, although judging just by Famitsu's screenshots, it looks like you control the samurai and do battle with the dragons.

Famitsu has an interview with chief producer Masayoshi Kikuchi (producer of Yakuza, director of Jet Set Radio and planner of the Panzer Dragoon series), so we'll hopefully get further details later in the day.

While the magazine does not provide a release date, the game appears to be far along, as it will be playable at the Jump Festa event next week.

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