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3DS Firmware Update Available Today

3D movie support and more for 3DS owners.


Nintendo has released the December 3DS firmware update, bringing new features like 3D video recording and an updated e-Shop to the system.

The update, which takes the system to 3.0.0-5 includes the following features:

  • 3DS Camera Functionality: Ability to take and playback 3D video
  • Street Pass Mii Plaza Functionality: Compatible with Spot Pass. Also adds new elements to current mini games.
  • Software Data Transfer: Transfer your download 3DS titles to a separate 3DS
  • Nintendo e-Shop Update: Various usability improvements, including the ability to store your credit card information
  • Nintendo 3DS System Functionality: When you scan a QR code, the system can be made to jump to the product home page or e-Shop entry
  • System Stability and Usability Improvements: Various improvements

Nintendo updated its 3DS information page with additional details on some of these items.

The system's 3D video support allows you to change playback speed and audio tone, and also play backwards. You can also save individual frames.

The system will now have a nationwide Street Pass Map showing the regions where you've engaged in Street Pass transfers.

Specifics on the 3DS to 3DS transfers can be found here.

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