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Samurai & Dragons Developed By Sega's New Online Entertainment Division

A few additional bits on Sega's new PlayStation Vita title.


Sega's just announced Samurai & Dragons project is headed up by Yakuza producer Masayoshi Kikuchi, whose official title on the game is "Chief Producer." But the game is not from Sega's newly formed Yakuza Team.

In an interview with Famitsu this week, Kikuchi reveals that the game is being developed by Sega's newly formed Online Entertainment Research Department. This team does consist of past members of Sega's 1st CS R&D Department, which made the Yakuza games.

Samurai & Dragons is meant to be similar to a Sega iOS game called Kingdom Conquest (in fact, Famitsu's reveal article includes a four page look at Kingdom Conquest). Sega hopes to combine the knowhow it gained from Kingdom Conquest with its knowhow in traditional home game development and cause a stir in the game industry.

PlayStation Vita was chosen as the game's hardware because it can always be connected online, and it has a variety of features which the staff wanted to use. They have a variety of ideas for how to use the touch screen and motion sensors. They also hope to be able to use the system's Near functionality for a type of communication that can't be achieved on a cell phone.

Famitsu doesn't have much in the way of details aside from what we shared before. As detailed earlier, the game is largely split into two parts, action stages where four players work together to battle through a dungeon and clear a boss, and a strategic city building component.

The city building component is referred to as "Battle Part." As you expand your territory, you'll come into contact with the kingdoms of other players, and will face off against one-another in card-based battles. The winner takes the land and expands his territory. Taking over the world is your main overall objective.

The name Samurai & Dragons, Kikuchi says, comes from an attempt to mix West and East. The game does have dragons as enemies, although it also has spirits, skeletons and other creatures.

We should be getting further details soon, as Samurai & Dragons is set to go playable at the Jump Festa event on the 17th and 18th.

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