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Following a reveal in Famitsu a couple of weeks back, Namco Bandai has shared official details on Katamari Damacy Novita's download content plans.

As previously detailed, the game will have two download missions at launch. A "Snowman" mission requires that you roll around and create a four meter snowman. A "Shopping" mission requires that you collect the most expensive stuff you can find in five minutes.

To access these missions, you'll make use of Fan Souls that you collect in the stages. Collect 10 fan souls, and you'll unlock one stage.

For those who just can't spend the time collecting stuff, the fan souls can also be purchased. You can buy one fan soul for 50 yen, three for 130 yen or five for 200 yen.

Namco Bandai will also be selling music packs. Three have been announced so far: Namco Pack, Uta Pack (Vocal Song Pack) and Oshare Pack (Fashion Pack). Each pack costs 300 yen and includes three songs. Or, you can buy all three for 750 yen.

Namco Bandai also shared a bunch of screen today showing a few stages of play. Access the screens in our gallery.

Included in the screens is a look at the game's Near functionality. As previously detailed, you'll use Near to exchange play records with people you pass by. Beat the play records, and you'll get candy which can be used to dress papa up.

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