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Marvel VS Capcom 3 Vita Features Detailed

Touch panel, Near and Wi-Fi support for Vita launch fighter.


With about a week left until Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 launches with the PlayStation Vita, Capcom has provided a glimpse at how the game uses the system's special features.

Touch Panel Controls

The game includes the option of controlling with the touch panel. Touch controls include:

  • Move forward/backward by dragging forward/backward
  • Dash forward/backward by flicking forward/backward
  • Duck by dragging down
  • Jump by flicking up
  • Change characters by tapping and holding the icon of the new character
  • Call on assist character by tapping the icon of the assist character
  • Attack by tapping anywhere but the icons
  • Execute your Hyper Combo by tapping the Hyper Combo Gauge


You use Near to exchange a PlayStation Vita original gold herald color with other players.


Wi-Fi can be used to watch and play online matches.

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