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Latest in Trademark Filings

Square Enix registers Gunslinger Stratus. Sega registers Japanese Vita Monkey Ball.

Monkey Ball Vita's Japanese name first appeared in Famitsu this week.

Here are a few of the latest trademark filings that have popped up... wherever these things tend to pop up from.

From Sega

Samurai & Dragons, Tokumori Asovita, and Cross Elysion. Samurai & Dragons was just announced. Tokumori Asovita is the Japanese name for the Vita version of Monkey Ball.

From Namco Bandai

Famisuta Ta-ta-touch, Cinema de Card!, and Blood Memory Kashaku. Famisuta is Namco Bandai's baseball series. Not sure about the other ones.

From Square Enix

Gunslinger Stratus. No idea...

From Konami

Smile Montage, Prof Kanban, and Notteke Town Town. No idea...

From Capcom

Ex. Troopers, and Utage. Utage is the name for the recent Sengoku Basara 3 update on Wii and PS3. Ex. Troopers previously appeared in overseas filings.

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