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Namco Bandai Unveils 100 Player Online Gundam Game


Namco Bandai announced today Mobile Suit Gundam Online, a new PC online title based off the Gundam license. The big feature of this is that it will allow up to 104 players to battle simultaneously. This is the most ever in Gundam history, Namco Bandai says.

You play as a Mobile Suit pilot and select to side with either the Federation or Zeon forces. You'll need to cooperate with your allies to defeat the enemy on the battle field. The game promises appearances from many of the characters and Mobile Suits from past Gundam works.

Namco Bandai will hold an alpha test for the game from the 16th through the 18th. 3,000 players will be able to take part. See the game's official site for details on how to put your name down.

Release date and pricing information were not announced today.

Required specs for playing the game.

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