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Monster Hunter 3G Launch Draws Hundreds; Special Pack Sells Out


Check out the lines for Monster Hunter 3G, as snapped up by Twitter user asnsey

These are from Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara. The shop had over 200 lined up before opening.

Here's a clip showing the scene early morning:

These lines aren't for some special launch event. There have been worries about the game selling out, so it's likely that those in line were hoping to pick a copy of the game or one of its various special packs without a pre-order.

In Shinjuku, Famitsu.com reports, the large Yodobashi Camera had 200 people lined up by 7:00. This shop sold out of the game's special pack, which includes the Circle Pad expansion, within 15 minutes of opening time

The actual Monster Hunter festivities will be at Shinjuku Station Square on the opposite side of Shinjuku from the Yodobashi Camera. Stars, including comedians and members of NMB48 (it's like AKB48), will make stage appearances throughout the day. Capcom is also bringing out a Monster Hunter 3G truck to demo the game, and will be giving those who pick up 3G some Monster Hunter themed snacks.

These scenes are from before launch day.
Snacks and monster displays.
Star power at the Shinjuku launch event.

For a full schedule of the Shinjuku festivities, see the Monster Hunter 3G official site.

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