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Kojima and Korekado Share More on Metal Gear Rising

Updated trailer, press conference, name changes and slashing mechanics.

Slashy slashy!

In between pics of his various meals (today's lunch was ramen), Hideo Kojima has been providing a few bits and pieces about Metal Gear Rising via his Twitter account.

Press Conference

He says that tomorrow he and Platinum Games' Atsushi Inaba will be meeting with the press in Los Angeles for a group press conference. They'll be giving a detailed report on how the project came to be, and will also show the 25 minute making-of video that will be shown at the official site on Tuesday.

Name Change

Regarding the game's name, Kojima writes that Metal Gear Solid Rising was changed to Metal Gear Rising Revengeance to reflect that this isn't Solid, but is rather being made as a Metal Gear spinoff game featuring Raiden as the main character.

Slashing Mechanics

Some appear to be concerned that the free slicing mechanics shown in the original Rising footage is gone. There have been some changes in this area, but Kojima assures that you're still free to slice things up. The original Rising let you slash everything, even things near and far in the background. However, this ended up destroying the game design. For the new Rising, they've changed it so that you can slash enemies and objects wherever and whenever you want.

Slash Slash Slashing Mechanics

Producer Yuji Korekado chimed in and said that hardly anything has been removed from the trailer that was shown at E3 2010. The concept of "zandatsu," or "cut" and "take," is still in the game, only in order to convey the refreshing and speedy feeling of slashing things up, they've changed the flow from "Aim, Slash, Take" to "Slash, Slash, Slash, Take.

Updated Trailer

The trailer that debuted during the Spike Video Game Awards yesterday will be posted to the game's official site on Tuesday. Korekado says that it will be updated with a few game scenes.

Business Cards

Finally, a correction. We previously said that those razor-like Metal Gear Rising business cards Kojima and the Rising staff have are made of metal. Kojima has clarified that they're actually just thick paper.

They may look like metal, but they're just paper.

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