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At the Spike Video Game Awards the other day, Kojima was just half of Raiden. Today, he is the full thing.

Kojima is in his best Raiden t-shirt for a group press conference today where he and Platinum's Atsushi Inaba (the other half of Raiden from the VGA presentation) will field questions from the press.

Here are some shots Kojima shared of his preparations.

That's Inaba playing pool.

One person who won't be attending the press conference is producer Yuji Korekado. He Tweeted earlier today, "After helping with The Director [Kojima] and Inaba with preparations for the joint press conference, I'm off to Chicago. The next job is ZOE!"

It's unclear what Korekado means by ZOE is his next job. Perhaps we'll be getting an update on the ZOE HD remakes soon?

(* Just so no one is confused, Kojima's staff calls him "the director" in general. He's not the director of Rising... or if he is, Konami hasn't said so.)

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