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Kojima: Those Who Want Stealth Metal Gear Should Wait For Sequel


Hideo Kojima and Platinum Games' Atsushi Inaba met with the press in Los Angeles today to discuss Metal Gear Rising. I presume transcripts from the Q&A will surface at some point, but here's somewhat of a preview from Kojima's Twitter.

Kojima says that he received nothing but the same questions today during the Q&A.

This appears to be the main point he wants people to take about Rising: The previous version of Rising originally aimed to have refreshing, fast action with Raiden as main character. It was meant to be what one would call a spinoff title. The new Rising from Platinum Games has the same concept.

"For those who are hoping for a stealth style MGS, this will definitely appear at some point, so please wait for a true sequel."

In other Kojima Twitter news, check out Kojima's stylin' threads:

The one at the top is a "Raiden" shirt (that's the kanji for the Raiden character). There are only two of these in the whole world. Kojima and Inaba both wore these shirts today.

The one at the bottom is the "Rai" from Raiden. Kojima wore this for his VGA appearance. Inaba wore the counterpart, the "Den" from Raiden. As with the Raiden shirt, there are just two of each of these. Kojima says he's going to give his extra Rai to Inaba in exchange for Inaba's extra Den.

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