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Torne App Launches with PlayStation Vita

Write thirty minutes of video to your Vita in five minutes.


As previously promised, Sony will be giving its popular "Torne" PlayStation 3 DVR kit a firmware update to coincide with the release of PlayStation Vita. The update, which takes the firmware to version 3.5, will be released on the 15th.

The major features of the update are support for PlayStation Vita. In addition to remote play, you'll be able to write video to your Vita in higher resolution than the current PSP writing options provide.

To make use of the write feature, you'll need to download the "Uke-Torne" app from PlayStation Store to your Vita. This free app will be available on the 17th, simultaneous with the Vita hardware.

The update also improves video writing speed through a new Quick Write option. For a thirty minute video, the PS3 can normally write to PSP in 10 minutes and Vita in 40 minutes. Using the Quick Write option, these are cut down to, respectively, 3 minutes and 5 minutes.

Other additions accompanying the update include a paid Wood Frame theme and updated sound effects. Visit Sony's Torne information page for details.

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