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3DS Sees Best Week Yet Following Monster Hunter 3G Release

System tops 3 million mark in Japanese sales. Monster Hunter sells close to half million in first two days.


Enterbrain has shared first week sales for Monster Hunter 3G, which was released this past Saturday (12/10)

This first 3DS entry in the Monster Hunter series sold 471,055 units in its first week. Enterbrain's one week tracking period goes from Monday to Sunday, so this figure represents just two days of sales.

3DS had its best week yet last week, selling 378,114 units, just above the 371,326 units from launch week. This figure covers the full week, from 12/5 to 12/11.

Thanks to this surge, the 3DS has now crossed the three million mark in Japanese sales. Its life to date total is 3,237,272 units.

This chart tracks weekly 3DS hardware sales. The spikes include the launch to the far left, then the price drop to 15,000 yen, Mario Kart 7's release, and now Monster Hunter 3G's release.

Monster Hunter is no stranger to huge first weeks. Portable 3rd sold 2,146,467 units in its first five says last December, and caused a spike in PSP hardware sales to 326,639 units (full report here).

Monster Hunter 3 on Wii sold 520,000 units in its first week back in August 2009 (see this story for details). However, this was just over half what Capcom had shipped. The excess stock caused retailers to slash prices quickly.

Some pre-release reports suggested that Capcom had been more conservative with its shipment numbers for 3G. We should get sell-through rate information later in the week, but there have been reports of low stock and sellouts.

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