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Yakuza's Kazuma Kiryu Sorta Kinda Appears in Power Smash 4

Sega shows how to create your favorite characters in the Vita version.


Check out Yakuza's Kazuma Kiryu and Black Panther Yakuza's Tatsuya Ukyo in the PlayStation Vita version of Power Smash 4.

Sega does a lot of internal crossovers, but you're right to be a bit suspicious about this one. The two Yakuza characters actually aren't in the game. Sega just used them to demonstrate the game's character creation feature, which can use the system's camera to add a bit of reality to your custom characters. You're of course free to take pics of posters of game characters too.

These shots show how you can edit the character's face and add custom clothing.

When you're done creating a custom character, you can take your own picture with the character via the game's VT Cam mode.

You can use your custom creation in all modes of play, including the online mode.

Expect to see some of your favorite game characters in PlayStation Vita's first tennis game.

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