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AKB48's Yuko Oshima Wears Her Sexy Final Fantasy XIII-2 Download Content Costume


Here's the Final Fantasy XIII-2 download content costume that AKB48 member Yuko Oshima designed.

(That's Oshima's sketch to the left, and the slightly touched up version from Square Enix's artists to the right.)

Here's Yuko wearing that very costume at today's FFXIII-2 launch event.

While we weren't able to grab any pics from the event in our live report, Famitsu.com grabbed a bunch, so be sure and check them out.

As we reported earlier, the event took place at the Bic Camera in Yurakucho, starting off at 6:30 with a performance of the Japanese PS3 version's theme song by Mai Fukui, who later said that she's a fan of the FF series and was surprised when she'd been asked to do the game's theme song.

Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada and Bic Camera CEO Hiroyuki Miyajima continued with short speeches. Wada noted that the gameplay component of XIII-2 has been refined over that of XIII. Miyajima said that pre-orders for the game were strong at his shop, and expressed hope that they'd sell the most copies anywhere in Japan. He also noted that Bic Camera is a strong supporter of the game, as a Bic subsidiary Nippon BS Broadcasting runs the BS11 channel that broadcast last night's pre-release special (details here).

Director Motomu Toriyama and producer Yoshinori Kitase were next, but shared brief comments. Toriyama noted that XIII-2 was made taking into account as much feedback from fans as possible.

Yuko took the stage following some brief comments from Noel voice actor Daisuke Kishio. While Yuko is not actually involved in the game's development, she was the lead on the "Judge 13" promotional campaign, where thirteen celebrities (including former Hudson PR spokesman Takahashi Meijin) played the game and shared impressions. The download content costume that she designed was also part of the campaign site.

Following a countdown, which started at 13, Yuko handed off the first copy of the game to someone who'd been in line since the midday the day before.

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