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Gran Turismo 5 Version 2.02 Update and Christmas Present Detailed


Gran Turismo producer Kazunori Yamauchi said yesterday that we'd be briefed on Gran Turismo 5's December 21 update and download content. The details have arrived.

The update will take the game to version 2.02. There are a number of changes for this 0.01 incremental update, which players will want to see for themselves at the GT5 official site (as of this writing, the official site doesn't have details yet, but Famitsu.com does have a partial list in Japanese).

The update will be joined by the game's Car Pack 2 download content. Priced at ¥400, this adds four cars: R 35 GT-R 2012 Black Edition, Mini Cooper S'11, Volkswagen Golf VI R'10 and Volkswagen Scirocco R'10.

Here's one new car you won't have to pay for. As a Christmas present, Polyphony will be giving players the Toyota 86 GT, which was just announced at the Tokyo Motor Show a couple of weeks back. To get the car, you'll just need to update your game with the Version 2.02 update.

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