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There are PlayStation Vitas In the Wild.... Vita Accessories Too


Do you have a PlayStation Vita yet? Of course not! Because PlayStation Vita doesn't come out until the 17th, and breaking street dates is wrong.

Of course, if you're just sitting at home and your Vita shipment arrives a couple of days early, there's no harm in opening the package, right? That's what happened to Twitter user dcengine, whose system arrived today, possibly from Yodobashi Camera (unless the bag is there just for decorative purposes).

Yodobashi is too official to actually break a street date, but it appears that whoever made out the shipment form did not specify a target delivery date, so the folks at Kuroneko did not hold back..

dcengine did not say if he got any games with the system. Getting games from a retailer in advance may be tough, but he already has plenty of choice when it comes to crappy third party accessories.

Congratulations, dcengine! You're the first person in the world to share pics of his Vita on Twitter. May the Vita be as memorable as the two systems that form your name.

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