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Square Enix Fears 1.8 Million Accounts Compromised

Company assures that hacked Members servers contained no credit card data.

NHK reports on this latest high profile hacking incident.

The fallout from a suspected hacking case that has left the Square Enix Members site down for the past two days may amount to data from 1.8 million accounts, NHK reports today.

According to the NHK report, Square Enix Members has 2.1 million users throughout the world. Square Enix discovered evidence of illicit access during an inspection of its servers on the 13th. It says that it's possible information from 1.8 million accounts may have leaked out.

The hacked servers store personal information such as names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers. However, as mentioned in a press release issued yesterday, they do not store credit card information.

Square Enix says that at present it has yet to hear any reports of misuse of personal data.

The company filed a report about the matter with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications yesterday.

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