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Xbox 360 Owners Select Lightning as Favorite Final Fantasy XIII Character


To commemorate Final Fantasy XIII-2's release, Microsoft held a campaign at the Japanese Xbox.com site where it asked readers to Tweet their favorite Final Fantasy XIII character.

And the winners are:

1st Place: Lightning

Reasons: She's cute / She's beautiful / She's cool / Her English voice is great too. "Time to Move!!

2nd Place: Hope

Reasons: The growth he experiences as you progress in the game is easily understood / It's cute seeing him try to protect Lightning / He has the most unique weapon, his boomerang.

3rd Place: Sazh

Reasons: He's good natured and looks like you can get to know him

4th Place Tie: Fang

Reasons: She's cool / She's great with ATK, JAM and DEF roles

4th Place Tie: Vanille

Reasons: She's cute / Her hair style is cute

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