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Square Enix Working With Gundam Developer on Online Multiplayer Action Title


Square Enix is working with developer Byking on a new online multiplayer action title for arcades. A teaser site reveals Byking as the game's developer and promises four on four multiplayer action with online support.

Byking worked with Namco Bandai on the development of Gundam Extreme VS, which was originally released for the System 357 arcade board and then brought over to PlayStation 3. The studio's works page also lists ChickenRun! for iOS.

The new game is being produced by Nobuki Kadoi, a Square Enix producer who heads up arcade titles like such as the Lord of Vermillion series. The game is being directed by Byking CEO and founder Shinichiro Obata.

Obata was previously a Capcom employee and worked on games like Gundam Seed Destiny Federation vs ZAFT II, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Street Fighter II and Vampire Savior. He founded Byking in Spring 2008.

The game's name is not given at the teaser site. However, Square Enix refers to it as a completely new title, suggesting that it won't be a sequel.

Details on the new game will be revealed at the teaser site on January 11.

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