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PlayStation Vita Countdown Event Being Held at Shibuya Tsutaya

Find out where to go to see people in line.


4Gamer has posted a list of PlayStation Vita launch day plans for major retailers in the Tokyo area.

It looks like the massive Tsutaya retailer in Shibuya is the place to be for launch, as Sony will be holding an official countdown event there. The countdown will begin at 6:45, with sales starting at 7:00.

The 4Gamer report says that Tsutaya will have 3G and Wi-Fi models available for same-day purchase (without pre-order). Additionally, contrary to some reports, the full lineup of Memory Cards will be available.

While it doesn't look like official countdown events are planned elsewhere, a number of shops will be opening early. Yodobashi Camera will open many of its shops, including the Shinjuku shops, at 7:00. The Akihabara and Yokohama Yodobashis will open at 8:00.

It should be noted that although these are the official times, shops often open in advance depending on lines.

Yodobashi's notice about the early sales plans did not say the system is pre-order only, so it looks like you can line up if you didn't pre-order.

Bic Camera will also open many of its shops early. The Shinjuku shops will open at 7:00. The Yurakucho, Shibuya and Ikebukuro shops will open at 8:00.

Bic's notice page also does not mention anything about pre-order only. In fact, Bic's online sales site is still taking pre-orders.

It looks like Sony did allocate stock for same day purchases. You'll have to decide for yourself if the launch will require overnight lineups, or if you can just show up after the start of train service.

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