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Screens Of the 3DS Fatal Frame Spinoff Ghost Camera


Nintendo has switched to full promotion mode for Ghost Camera, a 3DS adventure game from the makers of Fatal Frame. The game was announced a few months back, but we've heard little since.

(We previously listed the game as "Spirit Camera," but the term "Ghost Camera" appears as part of the gameplay context, so we're switching the name).

Ghost Camera makes heavy use of the system's AR capabilities. It ships with a special "AR Notebook," which you're supposed to scan with the system's camera as you play. Ghosts and other mysterious things will appear from the notebook in 3D space before you thanks to the magic of Augmented Reality.

The notebook fits into the story, where it's known as the "Violet Journal." One day, you take unexpected delivery of this journal, and find yourself cursed. In order to escape the curse, you'll need to clear the mysteries hidden within the journal.

There are three primary uses for your "Ghost Camera." Take pictures of your surroundings, and ghosts and other impossible things will appear in the shot. Take pictures of yourself and the people around you, and you can make the spirits that possess them emerge. Take pictures of your Horror Notebook, and you can make creepy things pop out of it.

Ghost Camera will be released on January 12, priced ¥3,800 (a bit lower than most 3DS games). Access the newly opened official site here.

The AR Notebook

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