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Now Covering: PlayStation Vita Official Launch

Andrew House and Kaz Hirai are sending off the Vita in Shibuya.


PlayStation Vita's official launch event is taking place right now at the Tsutaya outlet in Shibuya. Your Andriasang.com Chief Resident Evil and Sony Portable Hardware Launch Correspondent Alex "cvxfreak" Aniel is on hand at the event and will be sending over pics, which we'll be posting here.

The countdown event officially starts at 6:45, with sales at this particular shop beginning at 7:00. Be sure and check this page periodically over that time.

Live Updates

7:10: Tsutaya begins full sales for Vita. Alex is headed to Shinjuku to get his own system. Be sure and check back later for his impressions on the hardware.

7:03: Buyer number one gets his Vita from House and Hirai, but for some reason refuses to reveal his name.

7:00: 1!

6:59: Final countdown! The video is showing some past event footage, like the press conferences where they showed the system and announced the release information, and so-forth.

6:57: Kaz Hirai takes the stage:

6:54: Alex: "Andrew House in da House. He speaks Japanese too."

(House lived in Japan for some time. He conducts interviews with the Japanese press in Japanese.)

6:50: The countdown event has started!

6:43: Some initial pics just ahead of the start of the event. They're showing the commercial videos Sony has been airing for the past few weeks.

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