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Namco Bandai shared the latest Tales details at today's Jump Festa Tales series stage. The first of two stages, this one was focused on Tales of Innocence R.

According to gaming blog Tokkurin, the event included a number of new bits. Attendees were shown the game's opening animation, a maid costume for Ange, a costume for Spada, the special "hi-ougi" attack for Tales of Xillia's Milla (who appears in the battle colosseum) and a second hi-ougi for Ruca.

Namco Bandai also announced a pre-order bonus that's sure to be well received amongst fans. Pre-order either Tales of Innocence R or Tales of Heroes Twin Brave, and you'll get a product code which can be input into a special site to get your name into a raffle for 2012's Tales of Festival event. Namco Bandai will give out 500 pairs of tickets.

Tokkurin says to expect additional updates throughout the day. We'll also get more Tales details from tomorrow's installment, so Tales fans should be on the lookout for updates throughout the weekend.

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