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Continuing our story from earlier showing comparison pics of games running on PSP and PlayStation Vita, here are some more samples.

First, Persona 3:

Persona 3 has some 2D artwork on the screen. Vita's bilinear filtering option to come in useful for 2D, as shown in this art comparison (not from Persona):

Next, a comparison of a slightly different nature: Lord of the Apocalypse running on PSP and Vita. Different from the above comparisons, this is the native PSP version of Apocalypse (more accurately, the demo) going up against the native Vita version.

When playing PSP games on Vita, you can tap and hold down on the screen to bring up a settings menu, shown in this pic from 4Gamer:

From there, you can toggle bilinear filtering on and off, set the color space to PSP or Vita, toggle between rear and front camera for PSP games that use the camera, and set the right stick mapping.

The right stick mapping let you map the PSP's analogue nub, d-pad or action buttons to the Vita's right stick. For Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, you'd select the d-pad, which would map the game's camera control to the right stick.

4Gamer's Monster Hunter comparison pics.

[via My Game News Flash / 4Gamer]

Note: we previously included some Hatsune Miku pics as direct comparisons between Vita and PSP. They may have just been from PS3's Dreamy Theater, so we've removed them from the main part of the article. You can see them here:

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