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Dragon Quest X: First Story Details

Play as a pair of siblings in the online Dragon Quest game.


Square Enix has been focusing on the gameplay side of Dragon Quest X since its announcement. At long last, we have first story details via the latest issue of Weekly Shounen Jump.

The adventure begins in the small village of Etene. The story centers on a pair of siblings who lost their parents when they were young. They're trouble makers, but live a quiet life in the village, separated from the rest of the world.

You play as one of those two trouble making siblings. During the game's character creation component, you create both yourself and your sibling. You're free to choose your gender, so you can have a pair of brothers, a pair of sisters, or mixed.

We were previously told that you play the game as one of five non-human tribes. Based off the details in Jump, you have human form just at the start of the game. The magazine does not say what causes your transformation.

Screens in Jump show you and your sibling engaging in battle in the village, so it looks like you won't have to wait too long to experience the game's combat component.

Etene Village has a few key residents who were designed by character designer Akira Toriyama. Jump introduces Aba and her grandson Shini. Aba is a maiden at the shrine. She has a bad mouth, but the villagers have great trust in her. Shini looks after Aba. He's normally calm and relaxed, but he can be relied upon when there's a situation

Dragon Quest X was also one of the main games at the weekend's Jump Festa event. Square Enix held multiple stage events for the game, with series creator Yuji Horii appearing on the last day.

As reported at 4gamer, Horii revealed the final packaging for the game's beta test version. The packaging for the final retail version of the game will have a drawing from Toriyama.

Picture of the DQX beta box (from 4Gamer).

The final Jump Festa stage event also included a more specific beta schedule. By the end of the year, Square Enix will hold the first drawing for beta testers. Successful candidates will be notified in mid January. The beta test will begin in February. Additional beta testers will be added periodically, so you may still get in even if you don't make the initial cut.

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