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Gal Gun PS3 Has 423 Types of Panties

Catch 'em all!


The PlayStation 3 version of Gal Gun has 423 types of panties, Alchemist announced today, noting, possibly with pride, that this is a Guinness World Records level number (Alchemist did not say if it has actually applied for recognition from Guinness).

Surprisingly, the figure could have actually been higher. The game originally had 459 panty designs, but 36 were dumped because they did not fit the required criteria of getting your heart racing, being cute, or having a high enough big bang level.

The panty designs all have names. Examples include Energetic Yellow, Rose Pink, Live Green, Heartful White, and USA.

Joining the announcement, Alchemist shared an image of the game's limited edition package design. The limited edition adds a drama CD titled "Everyone's Cottage." Alchemist did not say if it has additional panties or not.

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