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3DS Expected To Cross Four Million Mark By Year End

Two months ahead of schedule

Inazuma Eleven Go is the latest major year-end release for 3DS. (Image from Level-5 ad campaign -- game does not actually look like that.)

3DS is on track to cross the four million mark in Japanese domestic sales by the end of the year, Nikkei reported today.

Nikkei sourced statistics from Enterbrain, a separate tracker from Media Create (which we use for our our sales data). For the third week of December (12/12 to 12/18), Enterbrain reported 390,000 units sold for the 3DS (a bit higher than the 360,000 units Media Create reported). This gives the system 3.6 million life to date.

With two weeks left in the year, the system will almost certainly reach the 4 million mark. It could even reach it next week as the year-end sales rush approaches its peak.

The 390,000 units sold is the highest weekly total yet for the system, renewing the record from the previous week, when the system sold 380,000 units opposite Monster Hunter 3G's release. These figures represent major year-end boosts for the system, whose average weekly sales total is 80,000 units.

3DS appears to be ahead of schedule in its approach of the four million mark. In an interview with Nikkei on December 6, CEO Satoru Iwata said that he expected the system to reach the four million mark within a year of its launch, or by the end of February 2012.

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