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Ridge Racer Vita Development Started in the Spring

Ridge Racer continued series' tradition of launching alongside new PlayStation hardware.

How long do you think it takes Namco Bandai to make a new Ridge Racer game these days? The recently released PlayStation Vita entry didn't take long at all. Development on the game started in the Spring.

In the Japanese video game world, Spring usually covers March 1 through May 31. Assuming development wrapped up in November, this means the game had at most eight months development time.

In an interview that was posted today at Famitsu.com, director Hideo Teramoto from development studio Celius admitted the development schedule was tight -- even for the Ridge Racer series, which has a tradition of launching with systems.

He credits the Vita hardware as being easy to work with, adding that when development on the Celius end began to ramp up, the system's development kits were in an advanced state with a variety of libraries and tools in place.

Being a polite Japanese publication and all, Famitsu did not ask if the tight development schedule is the reason for the lack of default courses and cars.

Famitsu also asked Teramoto about his opinions on other Vita titles. He said that he's interested in Gravity Daze, which launches in early 2012. He also mentioned Katamari Damacy Novita and Power Smash 4, the latter because of the ability to use the system's camera and AR capabilities to take pictures with a player.

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