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Final Fantasy XIII-2 PS3 Sold 60% of Stock

Xbox 360 version debuted with just 10,000 units sold.


We know that the PlayStation 3 version of Final Fantasy XIII sold 524,000 units in its first week. But the big question is, how many copies did Square Enix expect it to sell?

Media Create provided a hint today, revealing that the PS3 version sold through 62.06% of stock. This would suggest a shipment of around 850,000 units.

While the PS3 version was the top selling game for the week, the Xbox 360 version debuted way down at number 48, selling just 10,000 units. This is 30.23% of stock.

In all, XIII-2 sold about a third of FFXIII's 1,502,000 debut.

Why the drop in interest? One reason, Media Create, says may be less interest among female audiences. Media Create's own surveys show that interest amongst female audiences fell from the 31.3% of the original to 22.2% for XIII-2.

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