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PlayStation Vita Download Sales Exceeding Expectations -- Sony Japan CEO

Kawano details the Vita just ahead of Tokyo Game Show in September.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan CEO Hiroshi Kawano spoke briefly about PlayStation Vita sales during a press conference for Gung Ho Entertainment's Ragnarok Odyssey yesterday (see Famitsu.com's report here).

Kawano described the system's first week sales of 321,407 units as "a figure in accordance with expectations." However, he added, "Games and peripherals are selling extremely well. Sales of the download versions of titles are exceeding expectations."

Media Create yesterday reported that Sony and its third parties had sold around 300,000 units of software over the first two days of the system's launch. This equalled a 0.92 attach rate (0.92 games per system sold) which is lower than the launch attach rates for 3DS and PSP. However, Media Create's sales figures do not take download sales into account.

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